Thursday, June 1, 2017

World's High Tech HealthCare Smartband Ranks #4 Worldwide

Pro Helo- The High Tech HealthCare Smartband is for serious people that are ready to change their financial future.  

If you are not familiar with WGN, it is a home based business, and fully owned subsidiary of WRMT.  WGN markets the HELO and other products, thru associates and pays commissions based on all sales.

Using Life Sensing Technology in Helo, the smart smartband gathers data for the benefit of the wearer and helps mankind by data mining one of the largest international data bases available today.

This smartband is not available in stores.  

Built on a solid technology foundation powered by Toshiba processors.
Our connected wearable devices are developed in-house, using the most advanced sensors available today provided by Toshiba and enhanced using our proprietary algorithms with wearer feedback delivered using our Helo app.

Developed with inspiration and in-house creativity
Our creative team, developers and engineers create our unique product offerings with elegance, expertise and know-how, encapsulating the necessary functions within our Helo form factor to ensure wearer usability and satisfaction.

Harnessing wearer data to build a unique data mining opportunity
We have extensive data management experience within our in-house team to data mine this unique database ourselves and to build the infrastructure to enable ethical partners to explore this uncharted, ever growing vital signs and biometric database.

Mar 02, 2017
Anthony Mongeluzo, the Tech Guy with Fox News gives Helo LX super positive reviews from the Fox News Tech Tank.


Its research activity generating non-invasive, continuous blood glucose estimates have been found to be sufficiently accurate to allow WRMT to proceed to full integration of the algorithm in the Helo platform so WRMT can offer blood glucose estimation as a service in Q4’17 to Helo wearers who choose to pay an initial set-up fee and an ongoing monthly charge.

World Media & Technology has an experienced and proven leadership team which is well capable of delivering technology focused, mass market, global consumer solutions which in turn will become the source of future big data opportunities.

We have an already established sales and distribution partner with exceptional management who are strategically located internationally to ensure sales demand, product supply and delivery.

Join our team - World Technology!  Already ranked #4 in smart bands worldwide.  It will change your financial future and so many lives, including yours and your family!